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Warewash is an absolutely essential element within catering environment, crockery hygiene standards and glassware finish reflect directly on the immediate image a caterer will portray, as such regular maintenance, management of water quality, and efficiency of food debris removal need to be proficient enough to support your needs.

Working closely with manufacturers, Catercall can offer installation, maintenance and ongoing warewash management support. As an independent service provider we can offer product knowledge and budget solution in respect of the appliance performance that suites your requirement.

Our warewash services include:

Emergency & reactive repair
Performance inspection & fault rectification
Annual maintenance
Leak rectification
Wash quality inspection
Rinse quality and temperature inspection
Component part replacement
Softner repair or replacement
Chemical dosing repair or replacement
Waste disposal repair or replacement
Pre-rinse systems. Repair or replacement
Tabling re-alignment or fabrication
Water pressure inspection and rectification
Condensation management or removal