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Gas Interlock Systems

Talk to us about gas safety in your kitchen

A gas interlock is gas safety device that is now a mandatory requirement for all catering environments who use gas. In short the interlock liases between extraction and gas flow, monitoring performance and ensuring a safe working environment, in the event of an extraction failure the interlock, acts as a failsafe device cutting gas flow averting any potential incident.

The Catercall installations team, are one of the few catering maintenance providers, who are not only qualified to undertake install projects, but also carry interlocks in stock, along with typical parts that may need replacement such as Air Pressure Switches & Emergency stop buttons.

Catering Environment Gas Interlock options

Current Monitoring : Entry level for smaller kitchens, failsafe cuts in, when the extraction system is turned off / fails.

Air Pressure Monitoring : Most common system, in all sizes of kitchen, the fail safe cuts in when the air flow within the extract & ventilation system drops below an acceptable level.

Gas Proving : High level of safety, ideal for old installs where old appliances are found, fail safe cuts in either a gas pressure drop is registered or the extract system fails.

Air Quality Monitoring : High level of safety, digital monitoring activates the failsafe, upon registering unacceptable air quality reading within the working environment.