For all breakdown and service requests - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

For Service - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

Commercial Catering Equipment and Repair in Sutton

Preparing the finest dishes requires the use of high-class catering equipment. At Catercall, we have supplied many types of quality catering equipment in Sutton for commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels. From cooking ranges to high-tech dishwashers, our product range has most of the essential equipment needed in a commercial kitchen.

Once you purchase your equipment, we offer a complete installation service that includes a standard pre-quote price and a site survey. Our installation team ensures that your equipment is installed based on the layout you want in your kitchen.

Superior Cooking Supplies

Our range of catering supplies is second to none. We offer a broad range of innovative catering equipment that enhances productivity and efficiency in the kitchen. The Rational Whitefficiency features a highly effective cooking cabinet that enables you to prepare dishes using various methods of cooking such as roasting, steaming or baking.

If you are looking for something that can streamline your waste disposal process, we offer the Waste2o Food Waste Digester. This machine turns all your biodegradable waste into grey water which can easily just be sent down the drain. You do not need to worry about dealing with solid food waste that can take up most of the space in your recycle bins.

Reliable Repair Services

Need help in repairing your equipment? Catercall offers fast repair services that helps you minimise downtime in the kitchen. Our team of technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling the major brands we sell. They can assess the issue of your cooking unit and identify the exact component that’s defective. They will also replace the damaged component with a new one, restoring your unit to excellent working condition.

Contact Our Catering Service Engineers      

All of our catering service engineers are Gas Safe registered and have years of experience in the catering service industry. They have been trained by our equipment manufacturers such a Rational, Electrolux, Instanta and more. They are also qualified to assist you in choosing the right cooking equipment that best suits your restaurant or hotel.