For all breakdown and service requests - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

For Service - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

Buy or Repair Catering Equipment in Kensington

Catercall is your source of high-quality cooking equipment and reliable repair services. We have a good reputation in Kensington for providing many restaurants and hotels with the right catering equipment. Our equipment is sourced from reputable brands in the food and beverage industry such as Electrolux, Garland, Rational and more.

Apart from our catering equipment, we also provide fast repair services for all cooking equipment brands we supply. If we see that your equipment needs a certain part replaced, we have a large stock of spare parts.

Use Innovative Cooking Equipment

Using high-quality cooking equipment helps you create the finest dishes. At Catercall, we supply high-tech catering equipment that helps you create new cooking techniques that can improve your dishes. Our broad range of equipment includes baking ovens, pizza ovens, Panini grills and more.

The most popular cooking units in our range are the combination ovens made by Rational. These ovens feature dynamic air mixing that cooks food to perfection. They are built with a powerful steam generator that can be adjusted to the right temperature helping ensure that food is cooked thoroughly.

Minimise Downtime in the Kitchen

If your equipment needs to be repaired, we have technicians that are on call. Our technicians are highly experienced with fixing many types of equipment made by our manufacturers. They have received the necessary training to analyse any issue you’re having with your cooking units. If they see that a certain part needs to be replaced, they will provide you with a spare part. Our spare parts are competitively priced and we look to offer discounts when possible.

A Team of Catering Service Engineers

If you need help choosing the right catering equipment for your kitchen, call out catering service engineers. They are highly knowledgeable on all types of commercial catering appliances and where they fit in the kitchen. Our service engineers have completed the relevant ACOPS Gas courses and adhere to the 15th and 16th edition of the I.E.E regulations as required by the Health and Safety Executive.