For all breakdown and service requests - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

For Service - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

Catering Equipment Supplier and Repairs in Gravesend

Make your mark on Gravesend’s culinary scene with equipment and repair services from Catercall. If you want to update your kitchen

appliances, explore our extensive selection of culinary equipment for cooking range, refrigerator, and dish washer options. If you need immediate catering equipment repair, call our team for prompt and reliable fixes.

The Catercall team has helped countless catering companies offer exquisite culinary creations since we came into the industry over 20 years ago. Get in touch with us today to receive dedicated support from our team.

Update Your Commercial Kitchen

As the Gravesend culinary scene evolves, so should your kitchen equipment. To continue serving the best food in town, you need superior kitchen appliances in your arsenal.

Explore Catercall's excellent catering equipment. Your kitchen will have the advantage of:

  • Reliable Catering Equipment – Catercall carries products from trusted, internationally-known brands. These appliances deliver reliable kitchen performance, helping you meet the demands of Gravesend’s most discerning diners.
  • Complete Solutions – Whatever major appliance you need, you can find it in our extensive product range. We have cooking equipment, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. We also offer turn-key kitchen solutions that transform your outdated kitchen to a modern culinary arena. Not looking for complete appliances? Check our spare parts catalogue.
  • Lower Energy Bills – Our cost-efficient appliances enable you to cut back on energy consumption, reducing your energy bills and improving your kitchen’s green credentials.

Learn more about our offers. Get in touch with our team.

Quick and dependable repairs

In a commercial kitchen, there’s no room for a protracted downtime. Customers are constantly streaming in, so all emergencies need to be resolved immediately.

Work with Catercall, and you’ll rest easy knowing there’s a team ready to help you in case of a kitchen emergency. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers show up immediately, diagnose the problem and get your equipment up and running in no time.

If you partner with Catercall, you enjoy:

  • Fast response from our team, minimising kitchen downtime
  • Impartial advice from trained and seasoned catering professionals
  • Support from engineers who have completed relevant ACOPS Gas courses
  • Reliable solutions that address problems at the core

On top of that, we offer professional advice on maintaining your kitchen equipment, so you’ll always be the toast of the town.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation.