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For Service - Call our help desk: 0203 988 2108  

Catering Equipment Repairs and Supplier in Dartford

Buy New Commercial Catering Equipment in Dartford

Every restaurant has different needs based on its size, type of cuisine, number of kitchen staff and many other factors. One way to help your staff fulfill their objectives in the kitchen is by using the right commercial catering equipment.

At Catercall, we supply a broad range of cooking equipment such as microwaves and high-tech combination ovens. We can also provide you with professional advice on new cooking techniques to give your guests the best tasting food.

An All-In-One Oven

Our Combination Ovens made by Rational are popular among our clients in Dartford. The ovens can produce almost any high-quality meal from a single unit. They have the ability to steam, roast and even combine two types of cooking that can be adjusted to your specifications. As Rational oven install and service agents in Dartford, we specialise in the Rational Self Cooking CentreĀ® White Efficiency units. We can also supply combination oven units from Electrolux, Blue Seal and Convotherm.

Installation and Spare Parts

As catering equipment specialists, we offer a complete installation service from individual equipment to full kitchen fit outs. If you have any enquiries on the installation phase, we will gladly walk you through the process in a simple manner.

Besides installation, we have a large stock of spare parts for the cooking equipment we offer. Through our network of suppliers, we are able to source the parts at competitive prices enabling us to offer discounted costs to you.

Trust Our Catering Service Engineers

All our catering service engineers have experience in working for large catering service companies and National manufacturers. They have passed the relevant ACOPS Gas courses that qualifies them to provide installation services. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable in many cooking techniques for various cuisines.